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Becky Alexander, author of Growing Up In Hespeler and More Tales from an Old Hespeler Girl, gives us another enchanting memoir. Cracks through the Shell is her latest selection of stories. Alexander takes us from her childhood days to later adventures in adulthood. 


With her trademark wit and honesty, she spares no one’s blushes – not even her own. Readers will be delighted with the tale of the cousin who led her astray or how following her father’s instructions didn’t turn out quite as well as either one of them expected.  She takes you on a journey from her mother’s matchmaking to early married life. Don’t be mistaken. This is no sentimental, sugared-coated backward glance. Readers will especially enjoy her honest take on honeymoons. 


Post COVID, we can use a little primer on how to live with our extended families and communities. These are tales from when aunts and uncles helped raise children, neighbours helped out and dating before the internet. A great memoir which can show us one way to create what could be the “new normal”.


Elizabeth McCallister – poet 

ISBN 978-1-77501-362-4 
$20 CAD
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