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Translating Shadows


Katherine Gordon’s poetry melts the ice-cold of winter’s time around the roaring fire of her words. ‘The true composer’, be it muse or God or something else, plays background music to Katherine’s rhythms of fine lines that hover between light and dark, life and death on the ever-moving wheel. Katherine’s poetry lodges within us like a long lost friend who challenges us, inspires us to ‘wear the rain/ drink the light’, to explore the sometime pleasures, sometime pains, of being here, in this place, right now. I treasure her poems.

                                                                 —Wendy Visser, poet, 2007 WRACwinner for Best Book

Any gathering of Katherine L. Gordon’s poetry is a momentous occasion. Translating Shadows will leave you looking at the natural and spiritual worlds with enlightened eyes. There is magic in the place from where the author writes—a place unlike no other and it is from this unique perspective that her wondrous words are woven into an ever-flowing robe of majesty and awe.  
                                                                                                        —Andreas Gripp, poet, author of Angel Clare

In another time, another life, Katherine L. Gordon would have been a Wise Woman, a Soothsayer, Keeper of the Mysteries of the Gods. Her poems are the entrances to another world: a world beyond the shadows on the cavern wall, a world beyond all time, yet one which marries nature, lore and even modern alchemy. Her remarkable poems are the journeys of the ancients walking in our shoes.
                                                                                                        —S.J. White, poet, photographer

Clarity of understanding and a Celtic bard's deep wisdom—both these attest the unique beauty and strength of poet Katherine L. Gordon, hers a poetry residing (as she says of the pioneer woman) "in ballads of the heart,/or wilderness,/where her spirit lives." Pioneer herself, mystic, philosopher, attuned to the heart or solar cycles, or presiding over a late-summer valley, she's poet of nature, language and love. But perhaps above all else,  Katherine L. Gordon is the true guardian of a true Canadian poetry, friend and muse  to all those she's inspired and who gather now to celebrate another book of verse.
                                                                                                        —Conrad DiDiodato, poet

ISBN 0-9809257-1-5

63 pages of poetry and 4 photographs

$21.95 CAD

NOW ONLY $5.00 + postage

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