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haiku by two


Authors: Becky Alexander & Wendy Visser

Editor: Becky Alexander


     Here is a book of haiku that brilliantly charts the seasons: the map of spring to winter nuggetted in compact flashes of vivid images to savour from "robin-song edges of dawn" to "snowy sunrise shiver of morning".

     Becky Alexander and Wendy Visser, masters of the provocative visions haiku revels in unfolding, offer a collaboration to enjoy throughout the year, each season captured with fresh insight in arresting language. Sound and colour in the elusive brief lines catch bird and beastie, the homely comfort of den and porch, as the seasons challenge and embrace. Both humour and haunt fountain through the work.
     "Winding lane," "disappearing shadows" invite you to explore the "wisps" and "curves" that twist their enigmatic beauty as the earth, and you, revolve in a joyful excursion into the theatre of nature.
                                    Katherine L. Gordon   Author, Editor, Publisher, Judge, and Reviewer, Resident Columnist for Ancient Heart Magazine

ISBN  978-0-9809257-0-8.1

54 pages of poetry with 4 colour photos    

$15.00 CAD

NOW ONLY $5.00 + postage

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