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This Side of Beyond


"Reading Wendy Visser's new poems is like being on a city street at dusk with the light filtering through the trees, or maybe canoeing on a northern lake while the loons call and smoke comes from the cottage chimney on the shore. Time stands still in these transcendental moments when the past is present. You remember departed people and earlier, unknown souls. You think in this glimmer of your mother and father and other relatives, strange and wonderful in their essence during their time on earth.Visser's big poetic voice fills the soul and her unique and perfect language astonish you as you understand what is true and universal. Her humour resonates as she writes about Tom Thomson and Uncle John who scared the church ladies and Eve in the garden. Every poem is touched by her sense of humanity which makes me think of Alden Nowlan. Like Nowlan, Visser writes about ordinary folks who are mythic in their being.


I have anxiously awaited Visser's new collection. And here it is. I love it. The poems are a gift to the world."


By Veronice Ross, novelist and biographer


61 Poems on 92 pages


Photographs by S. J. White


ISBN  978-0-9809257-5-3

$20.00 CAN


Shipping $5.00 in Canada

International Orders Please Inquire

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