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The poems presented here resulted from a year-long online poetry conversation. One of us would write a poem, and email it to the others, who would then become inspired and respond with other poems. A metaphysical theme began to emerge, and we were off, exploring new dimensions, seeking answers to the universal questions involving somewhere, someday, somehow. It is our hope that the reader will be inspired to contemplate and create after having read our collection.



                                                                                                                        B. Alexander

                                                                                                                        Editor, Craigleigh Press



One simple reading of Portals is not enough. This is poetry that to be truly appreciated needs to be revisited and re-read. Becky D. Alexander, Katherine L. Gordon, and Stanley J. White use words and images like the artists they are - layering with elegant strokes - creating with each poem a distinctive, almost meditative experience for the reader. 

                                                                                            Bill Ashwell - Poet, Columnist, Radio Host


ISBN  978-0-9809257-3-9 

67 Pages of Poetry and 9 Photographs



 Reduced to $5.00 + postage

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