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Moon Shine


     Enheduanna, 2300 BC, is believed by many scholars to be the earliest written poet. She was the daughter of King Sargon the Great, city of Ur, Sumeria. Her role was that of high priestess of the moon temple. She was the temple’s hymn writer. Three of her moon hymns, originally written in ancient Sumerian, on cuneiform tablets, have survived in translated forms until today. We can then accept that Enheduanna wrote the first known moon poems, and poets from around the world have been writing them ever since.

     I believe that most poets have a moon poem tucked away in a file somewhere: the allure of this unearthly body, closest to Earth, is too tempting to be avoided.

     I have wanted to produce a moon poem anthology since my mother granted me the money to launch Craigleigh Press as a Millennium project. Now, fifteen years later, I have invited a talented collection of aspiring and established Canadian poets to bring this project to fruition. Please enjoy these moon tales, may they give you joy and evocation, and perhaps spur you on to write some moon poetry of your own.


Becky Alexander

Poet, Editor, Publisher

Contributing Authors


Becky Alexander, April Bulmer, Carrie Lee Connel, Barb Day, James Deahl, Chris Faiers, Katherine L. Gordon, Andreas Gripp, Lee Anne Johnston, Barb Lefcourt, Norma West Linder, Jockie Loomer-Kruger, Elizabeth McCallister, Marta O'Reilly, Diane Attwell Palfrey, Marianne Paul, Stella Mazur Preda, Kathy Robertson, Jeff Seffinga, Marion J. Smith, Wendy Visser, S.J. White


Photography - S.J. White


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