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Intake of Glass


           "The word ‘contemporary’ springs to mind when reading Diane Attwell Palfrey’s poetry. Her poems are very much in the here and now albeit of a global village.

            In her poem I’m not a Pedant one line reads: ‘I embrace my passion for rarity’. In this poem the line refers to the word, but it would be equally true of her choice of subject matter, for in many of her poems she relentlessly searches out the oddities of human behaviour: the force-fed children of Mauritania to foster the need of men’s desire for obese women; the curiosity of the bed-clothed tourists at the Wailing Wall who under the extreme pressures of a religious environment find they must emulate Mary, Jesus, Miriam; the sadness of the Xeroderma Pigmentosum children, denied for a lifetime, their fifteen minutes in the sun.

            While this collection is well rounded in its variety, its essence is the illumination of the idiosyncrasies of unsung minorities. These almost-always-peopled-poems are a significant work—the common touch applied with expertise and imagination."


                                    S.J. White—poet, photographer, publisher


Price $20.00 CAD + postage




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