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Growing Up in Hespeler

An Historical Memoir


The alphabet of Growing Up In Hespeler forms a language that falls lovingly, diamond-clear as a vanishing waterfall, from tongue to heart.  Alexander captures adroitly that fleeting vibrant time when we become who we are.  Many a reader will wish they had these secure embracing bonds to fasten their childhood. The background of a dedicated community, Hespeler at its height, bustles vibrantly behind the Alexander family as it struggles to make a homestead, a rallying banner for the clan, a place of timeless sanctuary for all its close-knit members. Each found  a memorable place in an appreciative community, fought the usual fearsome blows of fate, gave their history meaning and purpose. Becky Alexander's book makes this delightful tale an archival gem for all those of us who follow. There is a challenge implicit here  to re-build communities and values in our quick-sand world.


Katherine L. Gordon

author, editor, publisher, reviewer, literary critic.




ISBN  978-0-9809257-6-0

163 pages of text and photos

$20.00 CAD + postage

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