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Night Worlds


Steve Marshall is an easy-going, affable, family man. His characters are average citizens who battle the same demons we all do: boring jobs, fractured relationships, and the dullness of routine. They live in small towns, dream of more exciting lives and feel guilty when they give in to temptations like alcohol, lust and the dreamed-of better world “out there”. Thankfully, for us, the similarity ends there. Thankfully, we are not characters in a Steve Marshall story.


The ease with which we can identify with the hopes, dreams and flaws of these ill-fated souls, is what makes us read on, all the while glancing over our shoulder, double-checking the lock on the door and turning on another light in the darkened room.

In the pages of these stories, inexplicable town mysteries are solved in ways that make us wish we didn’t know the truth. Villains become heroes by breaking vows, yet we side with them and are forced to admit we would do the same. We become voyeurs through the lens of Steve’s infallible vision of a dark and twisted world.

Go ahead. Ride out the storm in that motel. Steal a bit of midnight delight in the cemetery after the gates close. After all, what is there to be afraid of?

                                                      Nancy Olwen Morrey



Craigleigh Press has no more inventory of this book.

You may be able to purchase from the author. Contact us and we will try and arrange for you.

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