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Riding A Wooden Horse


"Are you in for a treat!!! This book of poems by Wendy Visser is one that you will want to hold on to and re-read for years to come. Indeed, Wendy's poetry has been delighting both other writers and poetry fans for many years because of the quality of her writing. Wendy's poetry is clever and intelligent, fun and philosophical, poignant and pointed, and it always has the ring of truth to it. One moment she is writing poems about family that go deep and and touch roots we all share, and then her wicked sense of humour takes us on a voyage that careens from hol(e)y sex to a morbid fear of airbags. That's one of Wendy's secret strengths—you never know where she's going next, but you can be cerain that the ride will be worth it. No esoteric, effete poems about rare paintings on museum walls—these are real poems about real people. I think they're great and I hope you will too. Enjoy!!"
         Gordon Gilhuly

78 pages
(5 photos/illustrations)

NOW ONLY $10.00 + postage

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