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Katherine L. Gordon


Katherine L. Gordon lives to write in a secluded river valley where the wild cycles of nature inform her work. She is an author, editor, publisher and reviewer, with award winning poetry published in many languages including Chinese and Hindi. She has two full collections with her third Translating Shadows to be launched by Craigleigh Press in May.  Her forthcoming work Breaking Bread at the Inn for Wayward Souls will be published by Sky Wing Press early in 2009. Katherine has collected the works of fine contemporary writers into many anthologies,  Myth Weavers, her book of Canadian Myths and Legends, was released by Serengeti Press in April 2007.   Katherine is a literary critic, many of her reviews appear in Canadian Annual Books in Review.  She is a mentor to young writers.  Katherine believes that poetry is the bond cementing cultures, a vital component of Canadian culture, as well as an antidote to an increasingly impersonal world.
Sky Wing Press

Katherine L. Gordon is the author of "An Impact of Butterflies," "Saving Camelot," 2 full collections, and many chap-books. Her most recent is "A Conjunction of Hearts, A Renga" with Joan McGuire. This Renga is being studied in Israel, where a group of Israeli poets hope to produce one of their own. She has edited 7 anthologies and published articles and essays on the value and unifying force of poetry. Katherine's work is published in India, Cuba, the U.K. and North America. She is an editor, author, publisher, judge and reviewer, working for many poetry organizations to promote poetry as a vital part of culture and an antidote to an impersonal world. She writes from a secluded river valley where she blends in well with the birds and beasties.
World Haiku Review

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