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On Raven's Wings


 This book was written while on a retreat at The Hermitage, part of the Crieff Hills Centre.


        "The book is dotted with acute observation . . . 'A brown push mower rusted into the past', and a country lane 'filled with lilacs . . . their buds now tight and full as baby grapes.' Becky has attained in this 'chapbook' a pastoral harmony of thought and relection."
                  Jonathan Harrison, in 'For Arts Sake', The Cambridge Reporter.

     "Becky Alexander's poetry touches the heart of whatever she writes about. Whether that is nature, people around her, or her own feelings, she has a clear eye for detail, spare and evocative language, and the sense of wonder and delight in the world that is found in good haiku.
                    Ellen Jaffe, poet and author of 'Writing Your Way: Creating a Personal Journal.'

ISBN - 0-9687348-0-4

24 page chapbook

NOW ONLY $3.00 + postage


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