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Free Verse

1st Place                               Connie T. Braun             The Lingering

2nd Place                            Diane Attwell Palfrey      Boneyards

3rd Place                             William Bonnell             Some time after Lord Hideoshei demanded that Rikyu,                                                                                                   creator of the Japanese Tea ceremony, commit suicide

1st Honourable Mention      Connie T. Braun             A Psalm for the West Coast

2nd Honourable Mention  Kathy Robertson               East Meets West at Dharavi Slum

3rd Honourable Mention    Ed Woods                        Wanderer

Judge's Choice                        Kathy Robertson               I Wonder

Judge's Choice                        Wendy Visser                   'Seeing Red'

Judge'e Choice                        Debbie Okun Hill           People Do Talk to Plants

Judge's Choice                        Connie T. Braun             Shelter Cove

Judge Norma West Linder

             Norma West Linder was born in Toronto, spent her childhood on Manitoulin Island, and teenage years in Muskoka. Linder is the author of five novels, fifteen collections of poetry, a memoir of Manitoulin Island, two children’s books, and a biography of Pauline McGibbon. For twenty-four years she was on the faculty of Lambton College in Sarnia, teaching English and Creative Writing. For seven years she wrote a monthly column for The Observer. Her short stories have been published internationally, broadcast on the CBC, and published in major magazines like Chatelaine. They are widely anthologized.


            In 2006 she compiled and edited Enchanted Crossroads for The Ontario Poetry Society. Her latest poetry books are Two Paths Through The Seasons and Adder’s-tongues: A Choice of Norma West Linder’s Poems, 1969 – 2011. A short story collection was recently issued: No Common Thread: The Selected Short Fiction of Norma West Linder. And late last year she published The Pastel Planet, her second novel for children.


            Linder lives in Sarnia. She is the mother of Straja, Karen, and Jay.

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