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Traditional Verse

1st                                         Marion Smith                                        Aurora Borealis

2nd                                     S. J. White                                            God Musing

3rd                                       Marianne Paul                                        Aging

1st HM                             Kathy Robertson                                    National Pride

2nd HM                         Lisa McCreary                                     Rooted

3rd HM                          Debbie Okun Hill                                 For the Love of Gold

JC                                    Marion Smith                                          By the open fire

JC                                    Lisa McCreary                                        Winter stroll

JC                                    Emily Compton                                         Hymn to a Mermaid

JC                                    Carol dee Meeks                                       Winds Sing Songs on the Plains

Judge Bill Ashwell


     Bill Ashwell was a former member of the Cambridge Writers Collective (CWC).  His poetry and prose have been published in several editions of the CWC’s Writers Undercover Anthologies, The Cambridge Wartime Scrapbook, and in Ascent Aspiration Magazine’s Aguaterra Anthology of poetry and fiction in 2007.  Bill published Moments of Clarity poetry, a chapbook collection of his works in 2001. In 2007 he was awarded the City of Cambridge’s prestigious Bernice Adams Memorial Award for Communication and Literary Arts.

     Bill has participated in numerous public poetry readings, notably, at the Cambridge Arts Festival, at the 2004 Remembrance Day Service at the Galt Cenotaph, and at a various local celebrations of the spoken word.

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